Happy Hour

Tues-Sun: 4pm–6pm

Specialty Cocktails

Attitude Indicator 13.
bourbon, meletti amaro, punt e mes, citrus oil expressed orange peel on ice sphere

Pineapple Booster 13.
rum, pineapple, orgeat, lime, splash of cream, g.o.a.t. fuel

Moffett Mule 13.
vodka, fresh ginger, lime, soda, aromatic bitters, mint

Paloma Rosa 13.
tequila, ruby grapefruit, lime, splash of mezcal, pink peppercorn salt

Tierra Madre 13.
mezcal, tequila, cucumber, lime, cilantro, black sea salt

Tumblebee 13.
gin, wildflower honey, lemon, egg white, bitters


Relish Tray (vegan, gf, nuts) 8.
castelvetrano olives, spiced almonds, medjool dates

Salt Roasted Fries (vegan, gf) 6.
aleppo mayo

Salads + Sandwiches

Caesar 8.
baby gem, parmesan, calabrian chili croutons

Hot N’ Crispy Chicken 18.
avocado, pickle, shrettuce, aleppo mayo, salt roasted fries

The “Hangar” Burger 19.
LTOP, special sauce, salt roasted fries

The “Impossible” Burger (veg) 19.
LTOP, special sauce, salt roasted fries

add: gruyere or cheddar cheese 2. crispy bacon 3. sautéed mushrooms 2. caramelized onions 2. marinated avocado 4.


Cinnamon Doughnuts 7.
dulce de leche

** For parties of 8 or more, 22% auto gratuity will be added

** Checks left open are subject to 20% gratuity charge

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